Brown Leather Holster with Stamp

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This hand crafted brown leather holster with a custom stamp of your choosing is perfect for any bottle of your favorite bottle of hot sauce. Slip it over your belt, and keep bland food at bay.


Stamp *

If selecting Initials stamp, you can choose up to 3 letters:

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Dye colors will vary.  Some holsters may not be in stock and must be custom made.

To view the different stamp options, click on the photos in the gallery.

If the stamp you choose works for painting or highlighting, we will paint it for you for free. For example, the chili pepper stamp can be painted red with green leaves and the Fleur de Lis can be painted in gold. Some holsters do not lend themselves to be painted.  If you have any questions about if your stamp will be painted or not, please email us at

These holsters have two securing options – one is a belt loop closure and the other is a swivel trigger snap.  The belt loop closure is more secure and lays better than the swivel trigger snap.  Make sure to choose one before you add your holster to the shopping cart.

Belt Loop ClosureSwivel Trigger Snap


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